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Job Title Ambulette Driver
Location Brooklyn, OH - Headquarters
Department Field Operations
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Shifts hiring Full-time

Pay rate begins at $11.00 per hour

Brief Description:

Under direction of the supervisor, the ambulette driver assumes responsibility for providing ambulette service (wheelchair transport) to all patients requesting such services. The Ambulette Driver shall provide constant care and assistance to the patient if needed. The Ambulette Driver shall remain with the patient during any appointment if requested to do so by dispatch.

Martens Ambulance will provide initial training for Heart Saver/First Aid Certification. Employee must maintain certification afterwards to retain job position.


Flooring: Metal substructure, plywood overlay, linoleum base in all ambulettes. May be required to work on surfaces such as grass, concrete, carpet and/or tile.

Lighting: Natural

Temperature: Varies, depending on time of year

Safety Equipment: Gloves, Jacket, Personal Protective Equipment

Material Handling









30+ x/hour

Floor to waist

9 lbs


Push/Pull wheelchairs

on level surfaces

60lbs/F / 70lbs/F


Pull wheelchair upstairs

220 lbs/F



Positional Requirements:

Standing: Frequent

Walking: Frequent

Sitting: Frequent


On an occasional basis, must enter and exit the ambulette, which has a 15" step and 6" step, respectively.


Posture will vary, depending on the essential tasks being performed at that time and with the positional requirements at the time.

Upper Extremities

Can work overhead, waist or chest level, typically when driving or working with wheelchair. Most work will be performed at waist level.

Lower Extremities

Usually in a seated position with a 90-degree angle for the knees, but can stand, stoop, squat or kneel if needed when performing essential job functions of wheelchair transport.

Tools and Equipment

Wheelchair, oxygen and/or strapping needed to tie down chairs.

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